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5 Ways to Style Flared Pants

Pants come in a variety of styles and cuts, but flare pants are perfect for any style! You can wear them with an effortless casual outfit or add some boho flair to your look.

What Are Flared Plants?

Flared pants are a type of pant that starts getting wider at the knees and continues to widen as it approaches your ankle. The bottom part can feature either dramatic wide legs or have more traditional flares like bootcut style garment(s). Bell-bottom pants demonstrate an even bigger difference in shape from knee down; they're called "bell" because these drape off into something resembling bells.

The style was seen as one of the more significant fashion trends in recent decades. It started around 1960s and then became popular because it’s comfortable, easy to accessorize with various tops or shoes for an all-day look!

 5 Ways to Style Flare Pants

Stay on top of the trend by rocking your flared pants with these outfit ideas:

  1. Keep it simple with a T-shirt. Flared pants are a popular trend for this season. If you want to try them but aren’t sure where the best place to start don't worry - A crisp white tee goes great with these flared pants and to give them a more edgy look, pair with a leather jacket!
  2. Go for all denim. The all-black tee and denim jacket will be the perfect addition to your cool flared pants.
  3. Try smart casual with a blazer. Mixing a button-down shirt with your favorite blazer is the perfect way to create office friendly, casual workwear.
  4. Create a summer ensemble. With the perfect outfit, these blue jeans can be paired with a crop top and sunglasses for an urban look that is anything but basic.
  5. Get cozy in a cardigan. The perfect outfit for those cool fall mornings is a cardigan or turtleneck, paired with your favorite flare jeans. As the days get shorter and colder outside it's important to layer up in order keep warm- this means clothes that will keep you nice and cozy!

3 Tips for Wearing Flared Pants

Get the most out of your flared pants ensemble by following these easy fashion tips:

  1. Pick proper footwear. A slight heel and vertical posture will help you keep your look clean, without any dragging or bagginess from the denim material. You could also try sport wedges to give yourself an additional boost when walking around town all day long!
  2. Accessorize with a belt. Crop tops and tucking your shirt into your pants gives you an opportunity to show off belts that can match the outfit or be its statement piece.
  3. Distress your flare pants. The best way to make your pants feel more like they've been worn-in is with some distressing. You can use a shaver or even just cut the bottom hem off and sand it down for smoother material.
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