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How to store your seasonal clothes

How to store your seasonal clothes

The changing seasons bring a shift in clothing choices, with coats and hats being pushed aside for lighter spring or fall wear. There's also an increased need to bundle up when winter returns after its brief hiatus during summer months!

It's a great idea to store your seasonal clothing properly in order for it not only last longer but also look better when you are ready re-stock during the off season. Follow these tips so that all of those hard work goes towards something worthwhile!

Clean all seasonal clothes before packing

Prior to packing your seasonal clothing for the off-season, be sure to clean them.  Even the ones in the pile in the corner that you think might be clean, clean them anyway.  Any stains left on the clothing will only darken and become worse in storage.  Clean clothes are also less likely to attract insects in storage.

Use the right type of storage

Plastic is the better option here.  Cardboard will work but often attracts insects – which I am sure you don’t want 😊 Also, be sure that there is not moisture in your plastic containers as moisture trapped in plastic can cause mold and mildew on your clothes. Honestly, the best storage for out of season clothing, is an empty suitcase that has been thoroughly cleaned.  Use acid-free tissue paper if you want to wrap your clothing within the container.

Use caution with Mothballs

Yes, mothballs can effectively keep insects away, but keep in mind that they contain a toxic pesticide that can be deadly to children and pets.  A healthier option to deter insects while storing clothes is packing with cedar blocks or in a cedar lined container.

Don’t hang everything

For some of your items, you will want to hang for storage, such as coats, but you don’t want to hang your sweaters or other knit items.  Long-term hanging of these gametes can cause them to be shaped. Stack your folded items starting with the heaviest pieces on the bottom to the lightest pieces on top.  Do not cram items into a container, this will cause excessive wrinkles and trust me, they are not easy to remove later.

Don’t abandon your storage

Be sure to store your clothing in clean, cool, dark and dry space to keep them safe.  Choose a place that is not likely to be exposed to high heat, or near a heat source. Dark will prevent fading and dry is ideal as not to attract insects or mold growth.

Regularly check on your items to make sure there are no issues.  When you are ready to pull clothing out of storage, clean all items before wearing them.  Inspect your storage containers to make sure they are free from cracks, stains, or other damage.

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