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Rules of Wearing a Statement Piece

Rules of Wearing a Statement piece

To make a statement with your clothes, you need an unforgettable piece. The best way to find that perfect item is by using one of the many items in our store! Here at Four Hanger Boutique, we offer bold and beautiful designs for every outfit--whether it be casual or dressy alike. Find what speaks volumes about who you are on this journey together as friends through fashion - don't just look but feel like royalty while doing so too!

What is a statement piece?

Statement pieces are items in your wardrobe that stand out from the rest and make you feel confident about who YOU really ARE. Statement-piece clothes might be bright colors or heavy metal sparkles; they're typically worn only once every now then because we all have our own personal style signatures!

Is there a right or wrong way to wear a statement piece?

It's time to put your best foot forward. Four Hanger Boutique will help you do just that with our statement pieces! We believe everyone should dress by their own rules, but if the one piece is lost in an outfit it doesn't really get a chance speak for itself, does it? That’s why we're here--to give every garment on your body purpose and personality through creative design. 

  • Does it capture your style? Your signature piece should be a reflection of who you are and what's important to your personal style. Make sure it stands out from all the rest, so people notice when they see or hear about something new from YOU!

The best way for me personally was taking time with my choice because there were many factors involved: How much did I love wearing this particular design?  What would make ME feel most comfortable while sporting said item(s) in public - whether business casual interactions at events, between colleagues during meetings or over drinks after work hours etc.? 

  • Are you comfortable making a statement?  Just because you are wearing something bold doesn't mean that people need to know about it. Keep your nerve and wear this clothing casually without trying too hard for attention

Maintaining a piece of apparel can be tricky, but if we don’t try then our efforts will never pay off in terms or compliments from others!

  • Don’t force it. Every piece of clothing has a purpose and can be added to your outfit in many different ways. Don't just add any old thing because you might love it; if the garment doesn’t enhance or match what else is on stage with it then leave them out! Every detail matters when creating an amazing look - from adding accessories that matches perfectly alongside each accessory, so they stand apart without being too overbearing.
  • Wear different shades of one color. An easy trick for styling bright colors, wear different shades of the same color. Your outfit will look streamlined and still make a statement.

If you’re not sure you can ‘pull off’ a bold statement piece just yet, add a fun accessory.  If you’re a neutral girl at heart, add a fun piece to your look.  I can be a printed scarf or a bright handbag. Either one adds an element of personality without going overboard. Shop Four Hanger Boutique. 

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